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Family Is Everything

Every year, Memorial Day weekend my family (my mom's side- The Striplin's) and friends have a family reunion and golf tournament in loving memory of my Grandpa "Papa" - Jim Striplin. He had the best laugh. He passed when I was 10 (18 years ago) but to this day when I think of him I can hear it. On this special weekend every year we indulge in our fav good eats along Panama City Beach, FL (my hometown), the beautiful beaches, live family music + magic tricks and my absolute favorite, laughter.

My Mom has 5 Striplin siblings (my Grandpa and Grandma had 6 kids!) and there are 10 grandkids (I'm one of them). I love my cousins! It's hard to get all of us together at one time but we try our best- missing a few in these photos. Big family=big fun! A few of our favorite restaurants #goodeats that we make sure to enjoy during this fun-filled weekend on the Gulf Coast are Spinnaker, Captain Anderson's, Schooners & Hammer Head Fred's. Yum!

This year was the 18th Annual Jim Striplin Memorial Golf Tournament (my Uncle's Joey & Sam, and my oldest cousin Jimbob started it in 2001)- way to go guys! Each year since we have created new traditions and so many unforgettable memories are made. A new tradition was initiated this year- The Annual Putt Putt Tournament! Perfect for those like me who don't participate in the real Golf Tourney (maybe oneday)! My cousin's Holly, Whitney and I had a blast!

I made a video with some highlights from last year and this year! Watch down below and be ready for a lot of laughter (Papa would be proud) and a lot of family fun! Can't wait for next year fam!

Love, Light and Glam,




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