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Hawaiian Adventures | Part One

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Aloha! I'm so excited to finally share more from my trip to Hawaii last month. It has been a while since I've created a "vlog" (video) and I am so glad I filmed while I was there so I could relive my trip and share it with you!

Day One

My friend Torii came with me and we had such an amazing time! Our first full day in #Honolulu we rented mopeds and cruised around the coastline. We stopped at Diamond Head mountain, saw the incredible views from Kahala lookout and found a little serene park with a secluded beach.

Day Two

We rented a car and got lucky with a free upgrade for a convertible #yes! Talk about a perfect day! We drove to #NorthShore (about 1.5 hours from Honolulu) and spent the day exploring there. We stopped at Sunrise Shack for a smoothie bowl, hit the beautiful beach and went to Waimea Valley for some local treats. Torii connected with Taimane (photographer) before our trip and we did our first shoot of the trip at Sharks Cove.

photography by Taimane Kini

We ended day two with the most gorgeous North Shore sunset (see it in the vlog below). This was definitely a bucket list trip full of adventure! I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for part two!

Love, Light and Glam,



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